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  • Welcome to 918 Chiropractic

Welcome to 918 Chiropractic

We treat you like family while providing honest, quality chiropractic care!

Enhance Your Quality of Life at 918 Chiropractic

Tulsa Chiropractor Provides Honest, Quality Care

When Tulsa chiropractor, Dr. Griswold learned that a chiropractor can give someone their life back, he knew he wanted to do just that. Now, after opening 918 Chiropractic, Dr. Griswold and his friendly team are making a difference in the lives of patients just like you. They’ll work to figure out why you haven’t healed and do all that they can to help you function well and feel your best.

Committed to Honest Care

We’re honest about what we do. We’ll let you know what is wrong, our expectations for your healing, costs involved and what you can expect. If we can help you, we’ll let you know. If we can’t, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you to the place where we think somebody can help you.

We’ll Treat You like Family

Many patients appreciate our modern and open space, filled with friendly patients and a staff dedicated to your greatest healing. Here, you’ll be treated like a true friend, deeply cared for and understood. “We’ll get to know you and your family and check in on how things are going in your life,” says Dr. Griswold.


Living Your Greatest Life

Patients have expressed gratitude for the amount of detail Dr. Griswold puts into his time with his patients as he focuses on providing thorough care, always keeping your best interest in mind. “My primary focus is helping you achieve a better quality of life through quality care.” We offer:

Leave your pain in the past, run farther, hold your grandchildren longer, feel better and enjoy your life. We’re here to help you and we can’t wait to get started. Call us today! (918) 212-8688

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Quality Chiropractic Care for Tulsa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow and Owasso!